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Robust Popcorn

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Grow your own popcorn! Robust 997 is a great early yellow popcorn. Vigorous, tall plants form 7.5 to 8" cobs. Matures in 110 days. Approx. 150 seeds/oz. Treated seed only.
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Treated Seed
Popcorn Tip
Allow the kernels to dry in the field as long as possible. When harvested, the kernels should be hard and the husks completely dry. After harvest, remove the husks and place the ears in mesh bags and hang in a warm, dry, well-ventilated location. The ideal moisture content for popcorn is between 13 and 14%. Once or twice a week, shell a few kernels and try popping them. When the test kernels are popping well and tasting good, shell and store the rest of the kernels. If the popcorn is "chewy" or the popped kernels are jagged, it is too wet and needs to continue drying.
Sprout, Popcorn Tip
Soak popcorn seeds for 10-12 hours with 2-3 times as much water. Then drain and rinse every 8-12 hours, keeping the seeds in a cool dark place. Repeat for a few days or until seeds germinate. Plant by spreading seeds evenly on thoroughly moistened soil. To keep light out and moisture in, cover the planted tray with an inverted tray. Water lightly every day or two until shoots are between 2-4 inches tall. Harvest and enjoy!