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Sugar Baby Watermelon

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An early, small-fruited ‘ice-box’ type. Fruits are round, 6-8 inches in diameter, weighing from 5-8 lbs. The thin, dark green rind is hard and not easily damaged. Flesh is bright orange-red in colour, sweet and crisp. Maturity of 75-80 days. Approx. 85 seeds./pkg.
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Melon Tip
Melons require a bright, warm growing season of about three months duration. Row covers or black mulch are highly recommended for extending growing season, to ensure maturity and to increase yield. Muskmelons are ripe when fruit pulls off easily or slips from the vine. Watermelons are ripe when the curly tendril that intersects the main stem with the stem on the fruit has completely dried and turned brown and the underside of the melon is yellow.