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Earlier and easier than from seed. This early maturing onion is the best all purpose set variety available. Sturon is a very flexible dual purpose onion. It can be planted close for green bunching onions, or spaced farther apart to form quite large storage onions. The nice, round, globe shaped onions have the attractive appearance of a seed onion, but are much earlier maturing. Smooth brown skin with yellow flesh. Sturon has excellent keeping qualities and will store well into the winter if kept under proper conditions. Offers good bolting resistance. Approx. 90-100 sets per pkg. Approx. 300-350 sets per kg. This is just an approximate number, as the size of the sets vary from year to year depending on the growing conditions

Onion sets will be backordered and shipped separately in time for early spring planting. Be sure to follow storage instructions affixed to parcel for keeping your sets until planting time. There is no GST or HST on onion sets.

*Perishable Product Postal Surcharge on Onion Sets: If your order includes Asparagus Roots, Potato Sets, Spring Garlic, Onion Sets or Fruits and Berries, an additional $6.95 Postal Surcharge will be added to your order. This amount is only charged one time regardless of how many Perishable Products you may purchase.

Please Note: A $20.00 per 20kg bag postal surcharge will be added to orders being shipped outside of the Maritimes.

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Onion Tip
When onion tops begin to fall over, turn brown and wither, it is time to harvest. Tipping bulbs over to break some of the roots will speed drying.