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Roma VF Tomato

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An excellent paste-type open pollinated tomato. Popular for canning or for making your own tomato sauce, juice, soups or for dehydrating. Plants bear dozens of plum shaped fruit which have meaty interiors and very few seeds. Determinate growing habit does not require staking. Maturity is about 75 days from transplanting. Approx. 150 seeds/pkg.

Determinate plants are shorter and do not require staking, although they do benefit from some support or cages. They have a much more concentrated harvest. These are ideal for commercial growers or for home gardeners who want a lot of tomatoes at one time for preserving.

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Tomato Tip
Seedlings benefit from waterings with Epsom salts, use 1 Tbsp of Epsom salts per gallon. Provide even moisture during fruit set and development. Excessive watering can increase fruit size but decrease flavour.