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About Veseys

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"It all began on a shoestring" is the way Arthur Vesey (the founder of Veseys Seeds) described the beginning days of Veseys Seeds. From a very young age, Mr. Vesey operated a market garden in the rural community of York, Prince Edward Island. During his market garden years, he was keenly interested in securing and testing seeds that were suitable for the cool, short growing seasons of Atlantic Canada.

Since 1939, Vesey's seed has been tested and packaged on the premises in York. Today, automated packaging has mostly replaced what had been done by hand. However, many small and delicate flower seeds are still packaged by hand using a combination of measuring devices not unlike the original spoons and scoops of Arthur's day.

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About Us

Our Location
Veseys is located in York, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Drop in and visit our retail garden shop and view our trial gardens.
Our Team
Continuing the tradition of providing gardeners with the finest seeds available, the Veseys staff take pride in assisting you.
Our History
Veseys has 75 years of history, providing products, services, and advice to gardeners. Take a stroll through our Catalogue Cover Archive dating back to 1943!
Our Trial Gardens
Our products undergo extensive trial gardening at the Veseys Research Farm.
Farmers Helping Farmers
Veseys is proud to support Farmers Helping Farmers, a nationally recognized, award-winning organization of community-minded people with an agricultural background from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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