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Vermont Style Garden Cart Contest Winners

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August 2009

Carlinne Tremblay of Nanaimo, British Columbia has been gardening for many years and says her new Vermont Style Garden Cart will be a great help to her around the yard!

Carlinne Tremblay

July 2009

Giselle Williams gardens in beautiful Pugwash, Nova Scotia. Giselle thanks her Mom, Irene, for all her tips and gardening enthusiasm over the years, it has definately motivated her to be patient when waiting for Rhododendrons to blossom or weeding the many flower beds around their home!

Giselle Williams

June 2009

Jacques Garant does his gardening in Vaudreuil sur le lac, Quebec. Congratulations Jacques!

Jacques Garant

May 2009

Congratulations to Irene Parent of Nepean, Ontario!

Irene grows vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, different kind of beans, celery and many different kinds of herbs. Irene also has some flower gardens consisting of perennials and annuals. Irene uses natural home made compost as well as home made mulch made by her brother.

Irene and her family love to pick their fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden. Irene says they taste so fresh and are so much better than the ones she can buy anywhere else, it is a very rewarding experience!

Irene Parent

April 2009

Lee Jean-Louis of Dalkeith, Ontario wins the fifth Vermont Style Garden Cart from Veseys! Lee and his wife and can't wait to receive their cart so they can put it to good use. Lee has 15 mature apple trees and plants a large vegetable garden of cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, green and yellow beans and a variety of exotic hot peppers and herbs!

Lee Jean-Louis

March 2009

Stefanie Walker of Ashcroft, BC is our fourth Vermont Style Garden Cart Contest Winner. Stefanie is new to the whole gardening scene but has planted flower and veggie gardens for the past two summers and loves it. This year Stefanie plans to grow three types of tomatoes, carrots, beets, peas, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries and several herbs. Stefanie says that with her new cart, she can't wait for harvest time!

Stefanie Walker

February 2009

Congratulations to Shirley Turner of Mill Village in Nova Scotia who is the winner of our third Garden Cart give away! Shirley grows organic vegetables, fruit trees and perennial beds full of hundreds of spring bulbs. We have a feeling that Shirley's new Vermont Style garden Cart will come in handy this spring as she works away in her Maritime garden.

Shirley Turner

January 2009

Congratulations to Barbara Jensen of Kuroki, Saskatchewan who is our second Garden Cart Winner! Barbara has been gardening for years and particularly enjoys having a vegetable garden. Barbara has been ordering her seeds from Veseys for the past few years and says she has been happy with the produce she has grown. Barbara is looking forward to the upcoming growing season with her new Garden Cart!

 Barbara Jensen

December 2008

Jessica Kerr of Edmonton, Alberta has been gardening for about three years and says that the sky is her limit! From vegetables to cut flowers, shrubs to tulips to berries, Jessica wants to grow them all! Jessica is our first winner of the Vermont Style Garden Cart. Congratulations Jessica!

Jessica Kerr