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Dinosaur Tree

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dinosaur Tree, Dawn Redwood

This deciduous conifer is easy to grow in any normal to moist soil. The pollen cones are 5-6 mm long, produced on long spikes in early spring; but they are only produced on trees growing in regions with hot summers.

It has been discovered that Metasequoia will thrive in standing water, and if left branched to the ground in full sun, will develop the large, contorted boles that have made it famous. Limbing at an early age will prohibit this formation later on.

Find a permanent and suitable location. A full sun but not dry location where the tree can be allowed to stand on it's own is best. This is not a drought tolerant plant. Although they can grow well in a crowded area, they will not look their best. Will grow but will not produce branches in heavily shaded areas.