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Please note: the character following each category describes the life cycle of the plant;

(A) Annual plants are those that complete their entire life cycle within one year or less. They are usually planted in the spring, flower through summer and fall, then die with the first frosts of winter. Their brief stay is a brilliant one, making them among the most popular of plant choices for the garden or yard.

(B) Biennial will grow from seed, producing stems and leaves in the first season and flowering the next season, then the plant dies.

(P) Perennial will live in the garden for years. The stems will die down each winter and new shoots will appear in the spring. After perennials are established in one location they can be divided and moved to another location.

Please Note: Before you make your biennial or perennial selection, be sure that the plants you are ordering can withstand the variations of climate and temperature of your region. First, determine your hardiness zone. Then, be sure to order plants with a zone that is equal or inferior to yours. For example, if you are in zone 3, order plants with a hardiness zone of 1, 2 or 3. This does not apply to annual flowers and vegetables which are not hardy.