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Heat Mats

Our seeding heat mats offer stronger heating wire and thicker construction for more uniform heating and durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments. These mats increase your success with seedlings and cuttings, warm root areas 10-20 degrees F over ambient temperature and feature light, watering and planting information on the mat. Made with waterproof construction our mats are heat bonded (not glued) and stay sealed. A 6' power cord is attached to each mat.

Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
3" x 20" Windowsill Heat Mat
9" x 19.5" (1 flat size)
20" x 20" (2 flat size)
48" x 20" (4 flat size)

Customer Comments and Reviews

vikkiFebruary 15, 2014

Heat Mats

for anyone in general: the single flat seed mat is listed on the package as 17watts and 120 volts.

Beth PetersApril 17, 2013

Heat Mats

Thank you for pointing this out, Don. The 3x20 Heat Mat is 7.3w, 9x19.5 is 17w, 20x20 is 45w and 48x20 is 107w. All are 120 volts.

Don CuddyApril 17, 2013

Heat Mats

I would seriously consider buying one of the mats (the largest one) IF Vesseys would divulge the wattage. It like buying a lightbulb, wattage unknown!

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