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Caraflex Cabbage

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Best tasting cabbage. The sweetest, most tender cabbage that we have ever had in the trials and it’s early too. A very popular cabbage type in Europe, Caraflex is perfect for coleslaw and stir-fries as well as salads where you want some extra crunch. This hybrid produces compact plants, allowing for dense planting. Matures in 50 days from transplanting. Approximately 50 seeds/pkg.
Light Requirements:
Item # Description Price Quantity
200 Seeds
1,000 Seeds
5,000 Seeds
Brussels Sprout Tip
Brussels sprouts will develop a sweeter flavour after a few light frosts.
Cabbage Tip
Heads are ready when firm and when the interior is dense. Heads will split when over mature; rapid growth due to excess moisture and fertility will also cause splitting. Packages contain approx. 100 seeds (unless otherwise noted in the description). You will need approx. 40-50 seeds to sow a 50 foot row.