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Veronica Cauliflower

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Great flavour and unique appearance. An out-of-the-ordinary cauliflower, bound to catch anyone's attention. Perfect raw or cooked. This hybrid is a vigorous grower with beautiful lime green heads comprised of small pointed florets with a mild, sweet flavour. Best eaten when the heads are small. Remains green when cooked. Ideal for fall harvest. Maturity 85 days. Approx. 25 seeds/pkg.
Light Requirements:
Item # Description Price Quantity
100 seeds
1,000 Seeds
5,000 Seeds
Cauliflower Tip
As small heads form, break over or tie together some of the tall leaves to protect heads from sunburning. Package contains approx. 100 seeds unless noted otherwise. 40-50 seeds are required to seed a 50 foot row.
Specialty Cauliflower
Since speciatly cauliflowers produce colourful heads, they don't need to be protected from sunburning. 40-50 seeds are required to seed a 50 foot row.