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Vegetable Seed

Obsession Corn

Bi-Colour SH2

Bi-colour supersweet. This bi-colour hybrid produces 71⁄2” cobs on a very sturdy and vigorous plant. Very easy to pick. 18 rows of crisp kernels with nicely contrasting colours. Matures in 79 days. Treated seed only.

Light Requirements:
Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
200 Seeds
500 Seeds
3,000 Seeds
15,000 Seeds
45,000 Seeds
100,000 Seeds
Corn Tip
Corn is ready when the ears are completely filled and a pierced kernel shows a milky white liquid. A good sign of readiness is when the silk turns brown and crisp. One of the most common questions we are asked is how to keep racoons out of a corn patch. Although nothing is foolproof, our most successful defence has been to install an electric fence around the corn patch with one wire about 4-6" from the ground and a second wire about 12" from ground level.