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Chocolate Tomato

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Deep colour and complex flavour. A really unique heirloom tomato with incredible flavour and colour. Chocolate cherry produces very deep purple cherry tomatoes on a large indeterminate plant. Very sweet with exceptional tomato flavour, this variety really stood out in the trials. 65 days after transplanting. Approx. 50-60 seeds/pkg.

Indeterminate plants are tall, require staking and produce tomatoes over a longer period of time. Instead of having one large harvest at once, they bear over a period of months. These are perfect for home gardeners who want their harvest spread out, or greenhouse growers that want tall plants to best use their space.

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Tomato Tip
Seedlings benefit from waterings with Epsom salts, use 1 Tbsp of Epsom salts per gallon. Provide even moisture during fruit set and development. Excessive watering can increase fruit size but decrease flavour.