Blight Resistant Tomato Seed Collection


A collection of 3 varieties that have very good resistance to late blight. Contains 3 pkgs, one each of Mountain Magic (Cherry), Mountain Gem (Slicing) and Plum Regal (Paste) Tomatoes.

Mountain Magic: This large cherry tomato has exceptional sweet flavour, crack resistance and vigorous foliage. Matures in 70-80 days. Approx. 10 sds/pkg.

Mountain Gem: Mountain Gem produces glossy red, flattened globe, fruit with a great sugar to acid ratio averaging 1/2 lb. Mountain Gem is a determinate with high flavour quality. Matures in 75-80 days from transplant. Approx. 15 seeds/pkg.

Plum Regal: This hybrid has a bright red interior and exterior that is superior in flavour. It also has a great texture with good crack resistance. 68 days to maturity. Approx. 15 sds/pkg. 

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