Candyland Red Tomato


AAS Winner. Early ripening currant tomato. The first currant tomato to win an All-American Selection award. This hybrid indeterminate plant produces a very high yield of 100+ tiny, (1/2") red, super sweet, 1/4oz fruit with concentrated flavour. The fruit ripens earlier than other currant types and the long exterior fruit clusters result in easy picking. More compact than older currant types and won't take over your garden. Requires staking. Matures in 55-60 days from transplant. Approx. 25 seeds/pkg.

Indeterminate plants are tall, require staking and produce tomatoes over a longer period of time. Instead of having one large harvest at once, they bear over a period of months. These are perfect for home gardeners who want their harvest spread out, or greenhouse growers that want tall plants to best use their space.

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