Coir Fiber Grow Strips


Made from 100% Coconut Fiber.  Coconut trees grow new coconuts on a monthly basis therefore leaving the environment fully intact. Peat on the other hand takes approximately 220 years to renew itself. Compared to peat, this line of Coir (coconut fiber) seed starting products has a higher resistance to mold, produces visibly better & faster plant growth and rehydrates easily requiring up to 30% less watering. As parts of Europe are banning the use of peat by 2010, Coir is quickly becoming an ecological alternative for pots, pellets and growing strips. Made from 100% biodegradable organic material, coir products are more durable than peat and can be transplanted directly into your garden or planter.

2 1/4" Strips contain 4 trays of 8.  1 3/4" Strips contain 5 trays of 10.

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