Coloured Carrot Collection


This collecton contains 3 seed pkgs, 1 each of Deep Purple, Rainbow and White Satin coloured carrots. 

Deep Purple: solid purple colour. Long roots that can reach up to 10-12 inches. Strong tops with great uniformity. This hybrid carrot is great raw and looks excellent in a salad. Maturity 65-70 days.

Rainbow: An exceptionally crisp and tasty carrot in four bright colours that light up your plate. Colours range from white, yellow, light and dark orange, they make a great dipping tray and when cooked, the colours are even brighter! Carrots are uniform in size and appearance. Matures in 75 days.

White Satin: White Satin is a very productive carrot, producing long 8 to 9 inch roots. Very mild flavour, but extra sweet and crisp. Pure, bright white skin and core. Strong tops and a small green shoulder. Maturity of 65 days.

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