Compact 2 Tier LED SunLite Garden



We realize that not everyone has the space available for a 4' wide light Garden so we have developed a 2 foot wide, 2 Tier SunLite Garden that features the same heavy-duty construction and excellent LED technology found in our larger models. This tremendous growing tool only takes up a little more than 2 square feet of floor space in your home. Comes complete with watertight trays, fixtures, bulbs and smooth rolling casters... enjoy professional seed starting results at home! Unit measures 48" H x 27" W x 15" D.

About our LEDs: Engineered specifically to meet the exacting needs of plants. They deliver full-spectrum light with an additional spike of blue light to stimulate stronger root growth and enhance photosynthesis. Long-lasting LED tubes won’t shatter like glass bulbs and they're mercury-free so, unlike fluorescent bulbs, there's no need for special disposal. LEDs are economical too, they use half the electricity and last 5x longer than fluorescent bulbs.

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