Compact Plant Trainer


The unique pop-up system allows plants to grow larger, stronger and healthier than any other conventional system we have seen. It is ideal for starting seeds or cuttings. Easy to use, the Compact Plant Trainer can be stacked or used on a windowsill.

Included is a multi-functional, transparent top that will make soil indentations for planting as well as serving as a protective, light absorbing cover. The high lid and deep plant cells allow plants to grow taller and be more mature before transplanting. The lid also serves as a ventilating device; by turning the lid 90°, you can open or close the flow of air to your seedlings.

This amazing gardening tool is even dishwasher safe which tells you how sturdy and long-lasting it is. We consider the Compact Plant Trainer the best built propagator available today! Measures 6½" high by 8" in width and length.

  1. Fill the holes with potting mix and turn the lid upside down and press. Now you have 49 small holes to place your seeds in.
  2. The base of the propagator unit serves two functions; (a) acts as a watering tray and (b) serves as a tool to pop-out your mature plants.
  3. When your plants have grown a bit, it's time to remove the lid and allow them to grow to a larger size for replanting outside.
  4. When your plants are ready, push the middle section down into the bottom and your plants will automatically lift from the holder.
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