Cucumber Collection


This collection contains 3 pkgs, 1 each of a slicer (Stonewall), a strong producing pickler (Calypso) and our hands-down tastiest burpless cucumber (Tasty Green).

Stonewall: This hybrid holds its appearance better than others, stays dark green and does not become oversized. Prolific yields of 8" cucumbers on a vigorous vine. Resistant to Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose, Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Angular Leaf Spot. Maturity in 55-60 days. Approx. 50 seeds/pkg.

Calypso: Exceptional cropping abilities. Calypso is still one of the heaviest producers we've tested. Resistant to most diseases. Calypso produces mostly female blossoms. Approx. 100 seeds/pkg.

Tasty Green: Early and heavy yielding F1 hybrid. Good eating quality and easily digested. Fruit is long, often 18-20” and somewhat curved. Long harvest period. Matures in 50-55 days. Approx. 50 seeds/pkg. 

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