Deluxe 3-Tier LED SunLite Garden


Super-Efficient, Plant-Boosting LED Grow Light for Seed Starting and Year-Round Growing!

This SunLite Garden features our revolutionary LED lighting technology, creating the new gold standard for seed starting and indoor gardening. You'll be amazed at how well your plants grow as they bask in the glow of these specialized LEDs. The sleek and rugged frame holds three light fixtures that you can easily raise and lower to the perfect height for plants. Each ballast holds two 4' LED light tubes which are included. Includes three watertight plant trays and casters for easy moving. Frame and fixtures are made from lightweight, rustproof, powder-coated aluminum.  Unit measures 174cm (68.5") H x 134cm (52.8") W x 37cm (14.6") D.

Please Note: These items may be shipped via Fed Ex Ground. We will require a street or civic address and a daytime phone number. Please include this information when placing your order. (Plants & pots shown in photo sold separately).

About our LEDs: Engineered LED light tubes specifically to meet the exacting needs of plants. They deliver full-spectrum light with an additional spike of blue light to stimulate stronger root growth and enhance photosynthesis. Long-lasting LED tubes won’t shatter like glass bulbs and they're mercury-free so, unlike fluorescent bulbs, there's no need for special disposal.

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This item may be shipped via courier ground which requires a street or civic address and a daytime phone number, please include this information when placing your order.
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