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Homegrown sprouts are a healthy addition to any salad or sandwich year-round. Per capita consumption of broccoli has taken great leaps in the past decade after several scientific studies indicated that broccoli contains hight levels of glucosinolates. This compound is known to stimulate the body's natural defences that reduce the risk of cancer. Broccoli is also low in saturated fat and sodium and is a good source of vitamins A & C, calcium, potassium, folate, iron and dietary fiber.
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Item # Description Price Quantity
25g (1 oz)
125g (¼ lb)
500g (1 lb)
2.5kg (5½ lb)
Sprouts Tip
Soak seeds for 2 hours before placing them in your sprouter. Rinse seeds once or twice each day for best results. Sprouting in the dark will force the sprouts to elongate, but sprouting them with some exposure to light will allow the sprouts to produce chlorophyll and be more nutritious.