Honey Sweet Pear Tree

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The name says it all. A sweet, smooth pear with excellent flavour. Unique in that it will set fruit without a pollinizer, but does much better when grown with another variety. Pears make a great addition to a home orchard. Wonderful sweet flavour, and they have less pest issues than apples. Pear trees have an attractive upright shape, and are highly ornamental with beautiful white blossoms in the spring and blazing foliage in fall. 1yr. whip. Pear tress can't be shipped to B.C. Hardy to zone 4.

As they are live plants we will hold fruit and berry orders until the appropriate planting time for your area (usually around mid April-early May). Requests for large orders should be made by mid-March.


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Shipment Information
We can not ship Pear Trees into B.C.
Spring Planting: we begin shipping in late April through May beginning with the warmest hardiness zones, so you receive your products at the proper time for planting.
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