Incredible Iris Collection

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Iris germanica spp.  Always a favourite at Vesey's display gardens with staff and visitors alike. German Iris bear exquisitely shaped flowers and are hardy, deer resistant, sometimes fragrant and easy to grow. Each flower consists of three dropping petal-like sepals,called "falls" and three true petals which grow upright, called "standards". The beard is the fuzzy strip in the center of each fall. Re-blooming German Iris will enjoy a sunny spot in the garden that is well-drained These varieties will bloom first in late spring and are the most likely to reward you with a second flowering at the end of the season. Height 30-43". No 1 size rhizomes.

This collection contains 12 rhizomes, 1 each of Blackwater, Home of the Blues, But Darling, Goldkist, I Pink I Can, Off the Shoulder, Coup de Soleil, Starring, Florentine Silk, Island Hop, Out Walkin' and Silken Trim Bearded German Iris.

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