Ladbrooke Soil Blockers

Ladbrooke Soil Blockers
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A family run business in Great Britain, Ladbrooke Soil Blockers is led by three sisters - Ali, Roo and Vicky. Working closely with their team, the sisters work together to design, build and package each and every one of these remarkable handmade gardening tools; the concept and design of which was passed down from the inventor himself, Mike Ladbrooke.
For years we have been asked by our many customers to source a high quality and dependable soil blocker. While we have passed over several cheap imitations, we have finally gone to the original source to provide you the best that money can buy.
The Micro 20 is the ultimate hand-held seedling starting block, making twenty 2cm compost blocks at a time. Seedlings started in the Micro 20 can be transplanted into the Mini 4 when using the cube inserts.
The Mini 4 is the most versatile of the blockers. It produces four 5cm blocks. Cube Inserts may be fitted to leave indentations for transplanting Micro 20 blocks. Dowel Pins can also be fitted for cuttings and larger seeds. Please note that Seed Pins are included with this product, but Cube Inserts and Dowel Pins need to be purchased separately if required.

Cube Inserts, when fitted into the Mini 4 Soil Blocker, are used to make a square indentation to accommodate seedlings started in the Micro 20 Blocker. Creating the ideal potting on system, eliminating root shock.
Seed Pins are used to make an indentation in your cube for small and medium sized seed.
Dowel Pins can be used in the Mini 4 to create deeper indentations suitable for larger seeds and cuttings.

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