Mantis Lawn Dethatcher Attachment


Are weeds and crab grass a problem in your lawn? Then you need this attachment!  Dethatching is a vital component of lawn care for your property. By bringing up the dead and unwanted thatch from the base of your lawn, grass is given the chance to breathe and receive moisture and nutrients to give it a strong and vigorous root system. With the Mantis XP dethatcher attachment you can now pamper your lawn easily and effectively; simply slide the attachment on your Mantis Tiller and you’ll be dethatching your lawn in minutes.

Thatch harbors insects, creates a water barrier, and prevents new grass from growing. 15" spring-steel dethatchers clean lawn of thatch build-up and let in air, water and nutrients vital to good lawn growth. Dethatch your lawn regularly in spring and fall, especially before feeding and fertilizing.

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