Radish Collection


This collection contains 3 pkgs, 1 each of Rover (red), French Breakfast (red-white tips) and Red Meat (pink interior) Radishes.

Rover:  Performs even under warm summer weather conditions. Rover has a smooth, dark red, uniform root with a crisp white interior that is tasty and mild. Later to bolt than other varieties. Matures in 21 days. Approx. 500 seeds/pkg.

French Breakfast:  Long white tipped red roots. his attractive french breakfast type has delicate flavour. The 3-4 inch oblong roots are scarlet with a white tip. Maturity approx. 28 days. Approx. 270 seeds/pkg.

Red Meat Watermelon Radish:  Bright pink interior, sweet mild flavour. Unique with white skin and attractive green shoulders with an amazing dark pink flesh. It is exceptionally mild with a touch of sweetness and has a smooth texture. Best sown in late summer to avoid bolting. Matures in 50 days. Approx. 350 seeds/pkg.

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