Salad Sac

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The Salad Sac is made of a special grade of super absorbent 100% cotton, designed specifically for food allowing for the ultimate freshness of lettuce, vegetables, and salad.
The Salad Sac is not just for salad... it's great for storing all your fresh vegetables! Just wash whole heads of lettuce and veggies and place them in the Salad Sac! The Salad Sac will do the rest by absorbing excess water, staying very damp, keeping your lettuce and vegetables alive and very fresh and crisp. It's ideal for any kind of veggie including celery, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, fresh herbs, parsley, dill, and more!
The Salad Sac will last for years and is very easy to maintain. Just throw in the wash with kitchen towels and toss in the dryer (No fabric softener please). That's it. Plus, it takes up very little storage space. Every household should have at least 2 or 3 -- one for salads, one for veggies, and an extra Salad Sac, when others are in the laundry. Colour may vary (white or green).

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