Seeding Square


From kids to seasoned pros the Seeding Square will space your seeds perfectly every time!

Perfect for all types of vegetables, all sizes of gardens, all ages and skill levels.  Using the Seeding Square to plant your seeds will optimize your garden plot for the highest yield possible.  It will help you organize the layout of your garden and reduce the amount of weeds and make them easy to spot.  Perfect spacing of your seeds is fun and easy with the colour-coded holes. 

Colour coded for simple planting, space is optimized for each plant type, leaves perimeter impressions in the soil, magnetized to the Wand/Spoon, small profile for easy storage, all materials used are RoHS compliant.  The Planting Guide has a complete list of standard garden vegetables and uses a simple plant-by-colour chart and instructions.  The included Funnel makes it easy to deposit seeds in holes, fits snugly into holes and clicks into back of center hole for storage.  The Spoon/wand has depth markings on side for poking holes, while the spoon side scoops and deposits small seeds and is magnetized to Seeding Square for storage. Seeding square measures 1' x 1', side walls are 1" in depth.

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