Snow Crocus Collection

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Fall Planting:  This item is available for purchase from April-October while supplies last. This product will ship September-October according to hardiness zone.

Crocus chrysanthus spp. One of the very first bulbs to bloom in a spring garden, the vivid colours of the Snow Crocus will delight you after a long winter. Happy in sun or shade, beds, borders and woodlands, these species crocus are often planted directly in lawns for a cheery, unexpected display. Don't worry, by the time you need to cut the grass, the blooms will be long gone and the foliage will be safe to mow down. Height 4-6". Bulb size 5+ cm in circ.

This collection contains 105 bulbs including 25 Dorothy and 20 each of Blue Pearl, Tricolour, Snowbunting and Spring Beauty Snow Crocus.

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Fall Planting-Shipped late Sept-Oct by Hardiness Zone (beginning with coldest zones).
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