Summer Squash Collection


Is green zucchini taking over your garden? Try our summer squash collection for a colourful addition.  This collection includes 4 seed packages, 1 each of Endeavor, Sunburst, Golden Delight and Magda Summer Squash.

Endeavor:  A vigorous-growing hybrid variety that has the largest yield of medium dark green and glossy fruit. Matures in 45 days. Approx. 15 seeds/pkg.

Sunburst: Unique bright yellow colour with a dark green sunburst pattern on both blossom and stem ends. Maturity of 50 days. Approx. 20 sds/pkg.

Golden Delight:  Golden Delight produces very uniform golden-yellow fruit with little to no greening. Maturity of 47 days. Approx. 15 sds/pkg.

Magda Summer Squash:  Light green coloured Cousa type. Beautiful, uniform mid-sized 4” fruit have a creamy green colour and succulent, nutty, white flesh.  Maturity 50 days. Approx. 25 sds/pkg.

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