The Worm Café


Interest in vermicomposting has grown by leaps and bounds since we first introduced the hobby; we are now introducing the absolute best new worm composter available today. The Worm Café is a stylish and functional addition to any patio or garden. Made from 100% recycled and UV stabilized plastic, it features a hinged and fly-proof lid with stylized legs and built in ant protection. Worms recycle your leftover food scraps into a dark, soil-like material with a pleasant earthy smell, known as worm castings. They also produce a liquid worm tea which is a great additive for gardens that provides exceptional colour, quality and quantity of fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Included with the Worm Café is a drip free tap and a bedding block to get you started. Fully assembled unit features 3 working trays and measures 29.5” in height, 22.5” in length and 15.4” in width.

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