Three Bed Garden Collection


The vegetables in this collection were chosen for gardeners that want a small, yet productive raised bed garden consisting of three beds that are 4' x 8' in dimension. Everything except the beans can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring.

Bed 1: Plant the kale, spinach and broccolini, with the spinach planted down the middle lengthwise, and the kale and broccolini on either side.
Bed 2: Plant carrots and parsnips in four lengthwise rows that are 9" apart.
Bed 3: Plant the peas down the middle of the last bed and can be trained up a trellis as they grow, plant the beans on either side of the trellis in late spring after all risk of frost is gone.

This collection contains 1 pkg each of Lewis Green BeanGypsy BroccoliNeptune Carrot, Albion ParsnipSuper Sugar Snap Pea, Prizm Kale and Seaside Spinach.

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