Tokyo Silky Sweet Turnip


Early and sweet. Silky, snow white roots are mild and sweet and possess a delicate texture and can even be eaten raw. Uniform roots are best when harvested at 2 inches and are complimented with dark green delicious tops, both taste amazing steamed, in salads or to top your favourite soup. Matures in 35-40 days. Approx. 350 seeds/pkg.

Hakeuri-type turnips have become a favourite in many gardens across the country. These delicious young hybrid turnips were bred in Japan and now have become one of the easiest and earliest vegetables to grow. The flavour is sweet, delicate and mild but still has that natural earthy flavour of winter turnips that is so enticing. Young leaves are prepared just like spinach and can also be included in your favourite soup, stew or salad as a green.


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