Veseys Hot Pepper Collection


A few of our favourite hot peppers in one collection! This collection contains 3 pkgs, 1 each of Pathfinder, Flaming Flare and Cheyenne hot peppers.

Pathfinder: Strong plants for cool climates. Pathfinder was a trial staff standout for its strong, heavy yielding plants. Harvest lasted well into the fall with fruit averaging 30g when picked at 5". There were no complaints when growing this serrano pepper!

Flaming Flare: AAS Winner. Spicy and sweet. A new Fresno pepper that is perfect for chili. A productive and vigorous plant. Tapered fruit measure 3½" long by 1" at the shoulder. Can be picked green but grow hotter as they ripen. 5,000 scoville units.

Cheyenne: Early, prolific, cayenne pepper. Early ripening medium-hot fruit. This hybrid cayenne pepper produces masses of bright red fruit that are early to mature. Compact plant is ideal to grow in any container and takes up little space in your garden.

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