Veseys Sweet Pepper Collection


A few of our favourite sweet peppers! This collection contains 3 pkgs, 1 each of Early Sunsation, Fat 'n Sassy and Dragonfly sweet peppers.

Early Sunsation has thick, juicy walls that stays nice and crisp even when fully yellow. This heavy yielding pepper is highly resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot. Maturity is 65 days to green, 80 days to yellow from transplanting. Approx. 20 seeds/pkg.

Fat ‘n Sassy is a customer favourite for its heavy yields of 4.5” thick walled 4 lobed bell peppers with excellent flavour. This hybrid is great for that stuffed pepper recipe used green or red. Matures 65 days after transplanting. Approx. 20 seeds/pkg.

Dragonfly's early production was a standout for our trial staff. Fruit emerges green before turning deep purple. Dragonfly continues to produce fruit into the fall even after temperatures have dropped. Matures in 60-65 days from transplant. Approx. 20 seeds/pkg.

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