Allure Corn


Bi-colour SY. Crisp and juicy. The sweet 'allure' of freshly picked corn will make you want to eat more than just one cob! Allure has a 7-8" cobs with 16 rows of delicious flavour. It is quick and easy to pick as it stands high on a strong stalk and will supply you with a great yield. Grows to 82” tall. Maturity in 70 days.

Synergistic (SY): This type combines the sweet creamy flavour of the SE types with the higher sugar content and longer harvest window of the SH2 types to produce exceptionally good corn. Each cob contains about 25% SH2 kernels and 75% SE kernels. These synergistic types are much less sensitive to cold soil than SH2 varieties and do not need to be isolated from SE and SU varieties.

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