Beet Collection


If you're looking for a variety of beets, try this collection of an early beet (First Crop), a dark medium early beet (Merlin) and a specialty beet (Taunus). 1 pkg of each.

First Crop: Nicely globe shaped, tender and sweet, with an attractive deep red colour. This Veseys exclusive is ideal for the home garden or for bunching for early market. Excellent tops for beet greens with fine flavour and good colour. Extra early maturity. 45 days. Sized seed.

Merlin: Great colour, flavour and uniformity. One of the sweetest and darkest red beets we have found in our trials. Along with its very good flavour, Merlin has disease resistant tops that continue to look good throughout the summer. This hybrid has good stress resistance and very little zoning. Keeps its shape better than other varieties in high density plantings.

Taunus: Intense dark red cylindrical beet that is easy to slice. This hybrid produces smooth 6-7 inch roots that are ideal to use for canning, freezing or pickling as it has no zoning on the interior and makes a perfect slice all the way to the bottom.Young leaves can be picked for delicious greens. Days to maturity 50-55 days.

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