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You'll be surprised how different carrots can be in both size and taste. Here is an opportunity to try a few of our favourites in one collection. Give them a try!  This collection contains one package each of Napoli, Rainbow and Bolero Carrots.

Napoli: Bright 7-8 inch, slightly tapered roots have excellent sweet flavour, and dark green tops. Fantastic as an early bunching carrot. Napoli keeps well in the fall and becomes very sweet when harvested late. Extra early at 55 days. Approx 1100 seeds/pkg.

Rainbow: An exceptionally crisp and tasty carrot in four bright colours that light up your plate. Colours range from white, yellow, light and dark orange, they make a great dipping tray and when cooked, the colours are even brighter! Since this is a single hybrid, not a mixture of varieties, the carrots are uniform in size and appearance. Matures in 75 days. Approx. 500 seeds/pkg.

Bolero: strong, sturdy tops with a medium orange 7-8” root. This hybrid Nantes is very uniform in size with blunt ends and is great for fall harvesting. Maintains its superior flavour after months of storage. Matures in 75 days. Approx. 1000 seeds/pkg.

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