Coloured Beet Collection

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A collection of three great specialty beets. One Pkg each of Merlin (dark red), Boldor (golden) and Chioggia (purple and white).

Merlin: One of the sweetest and darkest red beets we have found in our trials. Along with its very good flavour, Merlin has disease resistant tops that continue to look good throughout the summer. 55 days. Sized seed.

Boldor: Unique golden colour. Whether you cook the root or the greens you will be sure to enjoy Boldor. Yellow beets are ideal to cook with as they won't have a red stain.

Chioggia: Striking purple and white interior zoning with a sweet peppery flavour. The 10-12 inch, pink striped stems are smooth, green and mild tasting. An Italian home garden favourite with small, flattened globe shaped roots.

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