Shell Pea Collection


A selection of our best pea varieties to ensure that you have a continuous supply of delicious, tender peas through the summer.  This collection contains 3 pkgs, one 125g package each of Misty, Sabre and Dalvay Shell Peas in either Treated or Untreated seed.

Misty:  Fast picking 2nd early. Plump pods filled with high quality sweet peas. Misty really stood out as a fast picker in the trials. The pods are held out from the compact plants making quick work of harvesting. High yields with 6-8 peas per pod, double pods on 20-24" plants. Matures in 56 days. Resistant to fusarium 1. 

Sabre:  A great performer in our trials year after year. Sabre was bred especially as a fresh market pea and produces long pods with 8-10 delicious peas in each. Earlier than Green Arrow, but the pods are just as long. Ideal for market gardeners and home gardeners. 20-24 inches in height with resistance to fusarium wilt, root rot and powdery mildew. Matures in 68 days. 

Dalvay:  Long pods and fast to pick. Extra long pods are filled with at least 10 uniform peas packed full of sweet flavour. Held upright on a strong stem makes for a fast and easy harvest. With two pods per node, you'll be pleased with this variety that matures in 63 days. 

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