Veseys Summer Savoury Cookbook


Canadian Best Seller! A showcase of over 250 tested and proven recipes that not only fea- ture the A to Zs of the vegetable family but also some mouth-watering fruit dishes, dressings, and smoothies.

Everything contained in this comprehensive publication can be grown from the vast selection of seeds and plants offered each year by Veseys. A true vegetable lover’s delight, this 168-page publication fea- tures excellent colour photography and will quickly become a go-to source in any cook’s kitchen.

With over 50,000 copies now sold, the reviews have been outstand- ing and the cooking results have been second to none.

“This is the kind of cookbook I love best because every page shows so much care and attention. Hats off to Faye & Eleanor for creating and presenting everything in such a mouth-watering way.” Aldona Satterthwaite – former Editor Canadian Gardening

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